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BIM dla inwestorów

Project sponsors are key stakeholders in every project. In most privately funded construction projects, they decide whether a project will follow the latest trends regarding the digitisation of the construction process. Nowadays, there is more and more talk about the benefits of BIM for investors. Below we present our practical approach to BIM for investors.

BIM up
your design

BIM up
your design

BIM dla projektantów


When planning a project, it is good practice to hire a consultant to plan the information management process from its concept stage. Using our experience in construction projects, we support investors in the designing digital information management processes for construction projects. Below are some examples of the management processes we support as part of our BIM Manager services.

Facilitated cooperation

The application of solutions of common environment and information exchange – via the Common Data Environment platform – allows investors to be “up-to-date” with project documents. They are automatically notified when new drawings are uploaded to the platform by designers and contractors. Because CDE platforms are cloud-based solutions, once connected to the internet, investors have access to current information posted on the platform. They don’t have to worry if they have the newest drawings for meetings with tenants or a contractor – all the current information is in one place.

drawings and 3D models

BIM for Investors is also an opportunity to evaluate and comment on drawings and 3D models. Designers can receive feedback from investors on an ongoing basis, which significantly reduces the time needed to develop drawings. Feedback can be provided via comments in the form of active comments in a pdf file, cad drawings or 3D model space. In this way, BIM for Investors improves communication and allows for a quick exchange of information between the parties involved in the project.

bim dla inwestora

acceptance process

The increasing digitalisation of the construction process also supports the decision-making chain. In these area, Investors can design their own decision-making process, based on which the transmittal of drawings, models, material information or other documents to review can take place. A transparent decision-making scheme and defined time for interaction between the parties involved allow for information flow control both at the design stage and during project delivery. Based on our experience, we support investors in the appropriate selection and optimization of decision-making processes used in construction projects.

Proces akceptacji dokumentacji projektowej

of conducting a project

based on BIM methodology

When starting work on a new project, it is crucial to define the BIM requirements with Investor and define what results and benefits are expected from the project implementation based on the BIM methodology. We survey the Investor’s expectations so that we can best match the processes and tools to the project needs. We then collaborate on a document that defines the requirements for BIM during the implementation of the project EIR (Employer Information Requirements). Depending on the information needs, documents are prepared individually for each project. Based on the EIR, contractors (designers, contractors and consultants) prepare BIM documents related to their scope of works based on investor expectations.

The BIM perspective for the public investor
digitalization of the construction process

Currently, there is more and more information on the market regarding the digitization of the construction process.

As of April 2022, a BIM working group under the Ministry of Development and Technology has begun its work. The tasks of the group include: preparing the architecture and urban planning administration and construction supervision for the implementation of investment projects following the BIM methodology, as well as proposals for legislative measures regarding the implementation of investment projects in construction following the BIM methodology, including public procurement. The group has 18 months to prepare the final report, which can be the basis for the introduction of executive regulations acts following previously adopted strategy for the digitization of the construction process in Poland in 2020. According to the strategy, the obligation to use BIM in public procurement should be introduced for projects above EUR 10 million by 2025, and for all public projects from 2030.

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BIM dla inwestorów

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